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Senior Exemption Forms  December 6, 2016
2017 Senior Exemption Forms are on line for homeowners who are at least 65 years of age and have been residents of Middletown for at least five consecutive years.

2nd Quarter Tax Payments  October 26, 2016
Second Quarter tax payments are due December 12, 2016.

2017 Senior Exemption Forms  March 6, 2017
The 2017 Senior Exemption Forms are due March 15, 2017.

2017 Annual Returns  
For those tax payers that were granted an extension for filing their annual returns the forms are due March 15, 2017.

Tax Payments  
Third Quarter payments are due March 10, 2017

2017 Revaluation Update  March 3, 2017
Northeast Revaluation Group has been awarded the contract to conduct a full revaluation of all properties in town. Their data collectors have begun by photographing all properties. Please contact the Assessor's office if you have questions or concerns.

2016 Motor Vehicle Tax Appeals  October 3, 2016
The time to appeal the assessment of motor vehicles in Middletown closes today October 3. 

2016 Tax Notices  August 19, 2016
Tax notices were mailed August 17, 2016.The time to appeal real and tangible property assessments is between September 12, 2016 and December 12, 2016. The time to appeal motor vehicle assessments is between August 17, 2016 and October 3, 2016.

2016 Tax Notices  August 25, 2015
Tax notices have been sent to all owners of ratable property in Middletown.  Tax appeal forms are available in the office of the Tax Assessor and on the Tax Assessor's web page.

2015 Tax Rates  August 3, 2015
The 2015 Tax Rates are as follows:   Residential   -   $15.04   Commercial   -   $19.96   Tangible   -   $15.04   Motor Vehicle   -   $16.05First Quarter payments are due September 10, 2015